The GentleWave® Procedure is an innovative alternative to standard root canal treatment. It presents a major advancement that helps us achieve our goal to effectively clean a tooth’s entire root canal system, no matter how complex. The root canal system consists of intricate channels for the nerves and blood vessels. We are always evaluating technological advancements and incorporating them into our practice when we believe that doing so will help us provide a higher level of care than previously possible and help us save more teeth for more of our patients.

The GentleWave® System delivers a broad range of sound waves within the complex anatomy found within the tooth, in concert with continuous fluid delivery. In a matter of minutes, this procedure results in complete cleaning and disinfecting of the entire network of canals. The incredible effectiveness of this system also allows us to conserve more tooth structure than ever before.

We are very proud to be able to offer this level of care to our patients. Brennan Endodontic Group are trained in the use of the GentleWave® System and will gladly answer any questions you may have about this exciting new technology.

Advantages of the GentleWave procedure


Unlike standard root canal treatment, the GentleWave Procedure replaces much of the instrumentation with a vortex of procedure fluids. Many patients – especially those who have undergone standard root canal treatments in the past – describe the experience as comfortable.


The GentleWave System’s broad spectrum acoustic energy enables fluids to travel through your root canal system, removing tissue and disinfecting complex anatomies and the microscopic spaces where bacteria can hide.


In most cases, a GentleWave Procedure can be completed in just one session. In addition, because GentleWave technology is so effective at cleaning and disinfecting the root canal system, there’s less chance of failure over time.

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Standard TreatmentGentle Wave Procedure


Once you see the difference the GentleWave Ultracleaning Procedure can make, you’ll understand what makes it today’s alternative to standard root canal treatment. Go in-depth with these extreme close-ups and see how the GentleWave Ultracleaning Procedure can deliver a higher standard of clean throughout your root canal system.

Questions & Answers

Do I need a referral?

You do not need a referral to see a root canal specialist. However, most patients are referred by their general dentist to our office. Some individuals come on their own, or often times referred by one our previous patients.

Do you take my insurance?

We accept most insurance and are participating providers for several popular insurance plans. Our staff will check your insurance benefits and submit your insurance claims for you. Our staff will also check benefits with your general dentist and to the best of our ability estimate your patient portion of your insurance plan if applicable.

How can I pay for my future treatments?

Payment is expected at the completion of your root canal treatment. We accept cash, check ,major credit cards and offer a no interest or low interest dental payment plan called Care Credit

Will there be any discomfort?

We will do our very best to make sure you are comfortable and pain free. We always make sure you are very numb prior to starting treatment.

Recovery time and When can I go back to work?

You will be “numb” on the root canal treated side immediately following treatment. Their are no restrictions on going right back to work for the vast majority of root canal cases. There may be some medication prescribed to you for your procedure and comfort.

What am I supposed to do after my Root Canal?

We ask that you schedule an appointment with your general dentist as soon as possible if your tooth requires a filling, crown or additional dental procedures. We always send an X-ray and treatment report back to your referring general dentist to inform her or him of your root canal findings and any future recommendations. Please give us a call us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your root canal case. We are always happy to answer any of your questions..

Recall Visits

Our routine one year root canal follow up visit fee is included in your initial consultation appointment.

What if I miss my appointment?

We ask that you please give us 48 hours notice if you cannot make your appointment, so that we can accommodate other individuals needing root canal treatment. In certain circumstances a fee may be applied.